July 2019 Region Executive Report

July 2019 Region Executive Report

"Gee, ain't it funny how time slips away" – Willie Nelson 1961

When I became Regional Executive of Atlanta Region, my intent was to write a monthly RE column. That hasn't worked so well and we all know the road that good intentions seek to pave. So, I ask for your forgiveness that I've not kept up.

In SportCar magazine, there are little tidbits that get hidden in the articles and it was only a few months ago that I saw that during 2018, Atlanta Region had the largest percentage increase in membership among Jumbo Regions! If memory serves me, I believe this is the first time we've been in the top three. I can't take credit for that accomplishment – the accolades belong to the members at large and the leaders of our programs.

We now have a nearly complete range of activities in Atlanta Region. Rally-cross has been revived for 2019, joining our successful Autocross, Road Racing, and Rally programs.

I want to keep open the possibility of the region being able to build a Time Trials program. I was unable to take part in the event at Carolina Motorsports Park on Memorial Day weekend due to a family commitment, but reports are it was even better than the inaugural event in 2018.

Our programs have gotten off to a great start and participation has been surprisingly high considering how often the events have been affected by rain. I know it's been dry lately but earlier this year we didn't think we’d see another sunny day.

A couple of important events coming up in 2019 – elections for both Atlanta Region and Area 12 Director.

Each year, we selected leadership for the region. John Fine and Dean Richardson will return in 2020 to complete a second year of two-year terms as Directors. The following positions will be open for nominations at our October 2019 meeting.

  • One-year term Regional Executive and slate that includes Assistant RE, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • Two-year term director (serving 2020 & 2021)
  • Two-year term director (serving 2020 & 2021)
  • One-year term director (serving 2020)
  • One-year term director (serving 2020)

I would like for everyone to give some thought to joining the leadership team. We experienced a good bit of growth in 2018 and new voices are always welcome. The nominations meeting will be held October 16th at the region office. I'll soon have a more detailed description of the nomination and election process on the region website.

Also, at the end of this year Tere Pulliam will complete the second of two three-year terms on the SCCA Board of Directors and is term limited from an additional consecutive term. Two members from the upper portion of the Southeast Division have announced their candidacy to succeed Tere.

Melanie Murray from South Carolina Region and Steve Strickland from Blue Ridge Region.

Earlier in the year, Lee Stanley from Buccaneer Region had announced his candidacy, but he has since withdrawn due to business commitments.

I know both Melanie and Steve; both are excellent candidates. Candidate profiles and pictures will soon be on the region website. Please take the time to learn about their positions and select the candidate you believe is best suited to serve the interests of the entire SCCA, not just Southeast Division. The Director for Area 12 is one of thirteen board members for SCCA, the election will be this fall.

There are some bylaws changing coming for SCCA; I believe one is to allow electronic voting of the national BoD. Now is a good time to ensure that your address and email are correct in SCCA’s database. The intent is to be able to vote for the Area 12 Director position via email.

We'll have more about elections and more detailed information on the website soon.

Thank you for all you do for Atlanta Region.

Bob Hudson, Regional Executive

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