Road Racing

What is Road Racing?

SCCA Road Racing is wheel-to-wheel, side by side, first one to the finish line is the winner automobile racing – driven, officiated and staffed by SCCA club members.

No matter who you are – beginner or proficient veteran - there are opportunities across the country for drivers and computer-savvy, tech-savvy, intense, or relaxed people who want to be involved in motorsports to participate on track, off track and track side all while making friends along the way.

  • #FunWithCars

    Whether you're new to motorsports or are a seasoned racing veteran, Track Night in America (TNiA) is a great place to start your SCCA road racing journey. Ultimately, we all come out to TNiA events for FUN, so we try to make things as fun as possible with an inexpensive way to drive your car on a race track in a safe and relaxed environment.

  • Convertibles Welcome

    With ever improving safety equipment from the factory, most modern convertibles and roadsters are allowed at Track Night without additional safety equipment. If you are running an older convertible without factory roll-over protection, we will require an aftermarket roll-bar.

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Atlanta Region Supplemental Rules