What is RoadRally?

RoadRally is a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with a friend, the least expensive form of motorsport and as one participant described it, "The most intense thing I have ever done."

Considering that his, "most intense thing" was done on a public road without ever breaking any laws in a car with absolutely no modifications – it’s clear that RoadRally is much more than a simple phrase can describe.

Because events do not involve speed, teams do not need specialized equipment for their car. Although there are classes for vehicles with RoadRally-specific equipment on them, often teams will do the events with only pens, paper and a wristwatch. On the rare occasion the RoadRally is held at night, a small flashlight might be needed. Entry fees for the events are typically less than $40, and often events will even have classes for RoadRally novices.

  • #FunWithCars

    Whether you're new to motorsports or are a seasoned racing veteran, RoadRally offers something for everyone. Ultimately, we all come out to RoadRally events for FUN, so we try to make things as fun as possible with an inexpensive way to drive your car on the street with safe and relaxed environment.