What does VOLUNTEERING with the SCCA mean?

While much of the attention at an SCCA events may be on the colorful, curb-hopping, tire-smoking action on the racetrack, at each event there are dozens of SCCA members acting as motorsports artisans crafting the experience to make sure events run smoothly and safely.

The SCCA members who operate in registration, the control tower, technical inspection, and on the corners are crucial to the successful organization and execution of events – making them just as much a part of the SCCA as those who strap into the cars.

  • #FunWithCars

    Whether you're new to motorsports or are a seasoned racing veteran, volunteering at SCCA events offers something for everyone. Ultimately, we all come out to races and driving events events for FUN, so we try to make things as fun and none of this would be possible without volunteers running the show. The best part is that you get a front row seat to the best run motorsports events in America!