Volunteers Needed – Membership and Marketing Chair

Posted on January 9th, 2017

The Atlanta Region SCCA is in need of YOUR HELP!! The region is looking to fill two volunteer positions related to marketing and membership. The two positions will work together and both report to the board with plans on how to develop programs to support region growth and development. Job descritions are below, but anyone serious should either email webmaster@atlantascca.com OR come to the board meeting this Wednesday, January 11th.

Membership Chair

Position Summary: The Membership Chair acts as the Region’s advocate for joining the region. They will work to ensure the region is actively working to both attract new members and keeping existing members. Outreach to members whose memberships have lapsed as well as coming up with “the pitch” for attracting new members will be an important part of the Chair.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Make membership growth and retention a prioritized goal of the Region;

  2. Identify barriers to involvement in the club and possible solutions to them;

  3. Create a membership development plan and calendar;

  4. Provide regular membership reports to the board;

  5. Help create materials that will be used to develop membership in conjunction with the Marketing Chairman and the Region BoD;

  6. Use National Office resources to help develop new avenues of membership acquisition and best practices for retention;

  7. Act as an ambassador for the Region, being a friendly face and someone who can get the information potential members need about participating in various programs within the Region;

  8. Provide welcome letter to each new Region member;


Marketing Chair

Position Summary: Serve as the Marketing Chairman promoting the Atlanta Region SCCA events through social media, advertising, email newsletters, direct mail campaigns, local forums, press releases, audio / video, articles, letters to the editor, general content creation and media outreach. This chair coordinates the publicity campaign to showcase and promote region events.

Roles and Responsibilities:


  • Understand and plan to grow key analytics related to marketing (eg. event views, spectators, participants, advertising costs, etc).

  • Build and maintain a marketing plan and marketing calendar;

  • Create a marketing budget which will be used to fund the various outreach and advertisement campaigns;

  • Build and train a small team to help with the day-to-day marketing and promotion tasks related to the marketing calendar and define roles for each member;

  • Provide the Board with regular updates regarding the status of the marketing plan, calendar and subsequent results of the various actions;

  • Outreach to potential partners and advertisers for both sponsorship and marketing partnership opportunities;

  • Help maintain and update the Region website;

  • Help publish a newsletter that will be used as the primary communications means for the region for news and event updates;

  • Facilitate opportunities for publicity / media exposure, should that occur prior to the event, on-site at the event, as well as post-event;

  • Work with Membership Chair to ensure a consistent message from the time outreach occurs to the time memberships are acquired;

  • Organize events outside of Region events which will help spread the word about region events (eg. car shows, conventions, canvassing parking lots with ads, etc).

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